CSC CT-Series - Sous Vide Baths

(Volumen: 9 Liter)
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The high precision CSC Sous-vide baths are designed for extensive use in the professional canteen kitchen. The heated stainless steel baths with 9-58 liter water fill capacity are equipped with the latest Microprocessor technology and PID temperature regulation as well as convective water circulation, which guarantees a temperature accuracy of ± 0.2 ° C in the holding phase. The devices are completely water resistant (IP56) and equipped with a reliable going-dry-system. The maintenance free CSC Sous-vide baths are easy to use and are characterized by a low cleaning effort and an extreme energy efficiency. All models are standard fitted with large LED's, optical and acoustic alarm signals and a stainless steel lid, stainless steel floor as well as a water outlet. Except for a little cleaning, the units are maintenance free.

The CT models are equipped with an integrated core temperature-measuring unit with a probe and a three-phase program, which contains a memory function and a timer for an accurate time control. The temperature displayed can be switched from Celsius to Fahrenheit.

- High technology - Simple operation
- Microprocessor technology with PID temperature control
- Large bright temperature display (LED)
- Seamless, splash–proof keypad - Splash–proof mains switch
- Audible and optical warning signal
- Flow valve for emptying the bath
- Dry–running protection

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