CSC Medium - Sous-Vide Bath - 14 Litre

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High accuracy of temperature control: The heated stainless steel bath is equipped with the latest Microprocessor technology and PID temperature regulation as well as convective water circulation, which guarantees a temperature accuracy of ± 0.2 ° C in the holding phase. The devices are completely water resistant (IP56) and equipped with a reliable going-dry-system. The maintenance free CSC Sous-vide bath is easy to use and is characterized by a low cleaning effort and an extreme energy efficiency. All models are standard fitted with large LEDs, optical and acoustic alarm signals and a transparent lid and a stainless steel floor. Except for a little cleaning, the units are maintenance free.

You can use its boiler–function to create flans and yoghurt. Furthermore it can be used for sterilization and bain marie etc. The machines are easy to clean and consume only a minimum amount of electricity.

- High technology - Simple operation
- Microprocessor technology with PID temperature control
- Large bright temperature display (LED)
- Seamless, splash–proof keypad - Splash–proof mains switch
- Audible and optical warning signal
- Flow valve for emptying the bath
- Dry–running protection

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